Cybersecurity Services

CRYPTOSOURCE CONCIERGE Delivers CRYPTOCARE Services for Efficient and Secure Business Infrastructure

CRYPTOSOURCE CONCIERGE combines technology and processes to move businesses from passive detection to active enterprise information protection.

  • •      We conduct Vulnerability Assessments to identify and prioritize computer security issues, and enable your IT staff to fix and protect your systems, and provide your management with a clear direction on what to prioritize.
  • •      We execute Penetrations Tests to exploit and identify possible flaws posing a threat to your environment.
  • •      We present a comprehensive, agile process to better Protect your endpoints, detect threats and respond to security breaches.
  • •      We guide organizations through the Security Compliance process and help your organization comply with Cybersecurity assessment framework guidelines from NIST and FFIEC.

•      Agent Software Resides on the PC

•      As events occur, the agent sends them to the server

•      Easy installation working with CRYPTOSOURCE CONCIERGE

•      Role Based Administration and Access to Event Searches, Alerts and Reports

•      Largely Scalable to Fit Any Organization

•      Easy to Install

•      East to Manage and Configure

CRYPTOSOURCE CONCIERGE works with you to easily install, deploy, implement and manage SecureCARE.   The SecureCARE all-in-one information protection, content inspection security software solution provides a total cost of ownership advantage to any size organization.

  • SecureCARE is an AGENT BASED SECURITY TOOL providing Email Encryption, Content Profiling, Web Filtering, Document Management, Finger Printing and Employee Monitoring.
  • •      Provides Protection for Data at Rest, in Motion and in Use
    • •      Easy to manage, create and customize user security policies 24/7
    • •      Real-time alerting and reporting as incidents occur
    • •      Manage compliance requirements and audits (GLBA, FDIC, OCC, PCI, SOX, HIPAA, e-Discovery, HITECH)
    • •      Built-in reports and configurable dashboard

CRYPTOSOURCE CONCIERGE brings comprehensive, easy to use workforce optimization software solutions with IntelliCARE. The IntelliCARE solution provides unprecedented visibility into performance operations, user behavior analytics, application performance and utilization data.


•      Measure real-time application response times per user

•      Receive real-time degradation alerts when response times are too high

•      Report on software license tracking and enable software license reconciliation/ recovery

•      Use time sheet – detailed employee activity and track number of keystrokes daily

•      Provide legal and HR forensics, activity reports and monitor websites visited

•      Provide compliance information for safe-guarding sensitive data